CBS’s Random Act of Journalism on Benghazi

by Ryan on October 28, 2013

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Benghazi?  Wasn’t that, like, some “phony scandal” from a hundred years ago?

Alas, no.

The first murder of a US ambassador since 1979 doesn’t just go away, despite the MSM’s attempts to have us look the other way.  Yet, first CNN and now CBS have decided to dig a little deeper into what happened that night, September 11, 2012.

I know what you’re thinking:  What difference at this point does it make, right?  It may make a big difference, in my opinion, but not to the investigation.  I can’t help but feel like CBS was throwing the administration a bone here — Obamacare’s roll-out has been murder on Obama’s competency and a nice harmless distraction to an old scandal seems just what the doctor ordered (ha!).  Plus, more exposure means potentially more opportunities to clear Hillary of any wrong-doing (if they spin it right).  However, the American people believe there was a cover-up last year and will be interested in digging deeper.

Ultimately, while I actually appreciate CBS for airing the report, I can’t help but think that they might be jangling the keys over in Libya so we temporarily lose focus on Obamacare’s failings here at home.  Yes, when it comes to the mainstream media I am very cynical.

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