Sandy: One Year Later

by Ryan on October 29, 2013

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One year ago the Northeast got slammed by Hurricane Sandy.  Today, vigils abound.  Many are still without their homes rebuilt.  It hasn’t been easy for many on Staten Island or down the shore.  Sandy was a 100-year storm — the way it hit, the size of the storm, the vulnerability of the area impacted.  I hope never to see another storm like Sandy hit this area again.  Living the 19th Century is only cool if you choose to live that way.

I was lucky.  My area was also back up-and-running within two weeks.  I lost power for nearly four days and had a relatively 21st Century home in about eight days.  Like I said:  I was lucky.  The Jersey Shore still hasn’t come back.  Hundreds of thousands lost their homes across many states.

However, people rose to the challenge, the lights eventually came back on, and people generally banded together to help each other out.  That was great to see and experience.  During the worst moments, my area felt like a community all in it together.  We were.  We are.  Heck of an experience though.

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