NHS in Crisis: A Warning from Across the Pond

by Ryan on November 10, 2013

in Health Care,UK Politics

The UK Daily Mail ran a commentary on the UK’s health system being on the verge of real crisis.  The culprit?  Bureaucratic ineptitude:  bad doctors get promotions; too many sick, not enough beds; massive waste, fraud, and abuse within the system; and more people are dying because of it.  While any system has its problems, how many of these problems (or even deaths) could have been avoided with a little more accountability and transparency within the NHS?  Probably a lot.

While the British health care system morphed out of wartime rationing with a relatively smooth transition, our endeavor through Obamacare is not at all going so seamlessly.  I loathe to ponder that looking over to Europe is a picture of America’s future, but that does seem to be our current trajectory.

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