Obama Admits It’s Time for a Fix

by Ryan on November 14, 2013

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After a month of taking hits across the political universe, President Obama finally offered a possible way to fix the immediate Obamacare disaster looming at year’s end:  insurance companies won’t be able drop people with coverage for a year.  This is to avoid the massive penalties uninsured or formerly insured people will have to endure after January 1, as well as to move the issue off until after the midterm elections next year, when we can experience this crisis all over again without the stress of an impending election.

I don’t think the latter play will work.

There’s mixed reaction on the Hill.  Some Dems love it, others don’t.  Speaker Boehner seems to think this administrative fix may not legal.  It’s probably not, but when has that stopped Obama’s regulatory apparatus!  What this means is that Obama is aware of the political problems facing his party over Obamacare and he feels like he needs to give them cover.

The GOP may be politically in the driver’s seat — they should (though probably won’t) use this opportunity to push repeal-and-replace rather than support any bipartisan temporary fix.  They could perhaps listen to one of the sentiments of Justice Roberts last year that just because a law sucks, doesn’t mean it’s unconstitutional (although I vehemently disagree with Roberts’ application of that principle regarding Obamacare, but I digress).

So, by that standard, let the folks embrace what they voted for and live in a liberal utopia for a little while.  All the GOP needs to do is offer simple and sensible alternatives, vote on them, and never change the subject.

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