Botched Nuke Deal with Iran

by Ryan on November 24, 2013

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So the Obama Administration waited until 11pm EST on a Saturday night to announce a major breakthrough in talks with a belligerent foreign power.  Almost seems like he was trying to push the Sunday talk shows away from more bad Obamacare news, but I digress.

So what’s this all about?  Iran has made a deal with six other world powers, including the US, to slow down Iran’s nuclear enrichment process in exchange for allowing Iran to access its some of its foreign accounts and endure less sanctions for six months.  In essence, we gave Iran more time and more money to eventually develop their nuclear bombs and delivery systems.

Israel is apoplectic, and the talking heads on both sides are likely to join the criticism.

First of all, we’re five years past when we should have made a deal with Iran by supporting the regime’s opponents when they rebelled in 2009!  I still haven’t forgotten some of those images.

Secondly, Iran is the main destabilizing force in the Mideast:  they support Hezbollah; they fund the violent Palestinian faction Hamas; they continually threaten Israel’s existence; they provided aid and comfort to al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Iraq for years; they support the alleged chemical-weapon using Assad regime in Syria; and they’ve shot down our drones.

None of these real, actionable issues were on the table apparently.  Just a six-month international breather so Iran can regroup and resupply, and Obama can change the headlines for a weekend news cycle.  Sorry if that sounds cynical, but I’m sure Valerie Jarrett, who actually runs the White House, has thought all this through.

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