Obama Losing Millennials

by Ryan on December 4, 2013

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The latest Harvard youth poll showed that the most hopey-changey age demographic in America is having a change of heart.  The 18-29 year-old demographic observed in the survey showed only 41% approve of the President’s job performance at present — an 11-point drop since April.

This could be important.  The President’s demonstrable actions will not change, but he’ll definitely get into campaign-mode overdrive.  It may work, it may not.  He’s already backed himself into a corner.

If Obamacare alienates Millennials from Obama, so what — a temporary blip which could change quickly.

However, if Obamacare alienates Millennials from liberal politics, the Democrats will suffer for years.  Accusing Republicans of a “war on women” or blaming them for a “government shutdown” are concepts with little tangible effects on people’s immediate lives.  Getting thrown off your health insurance and being fined if you can’t sign up on a broken and insecure website by January 1 is a real thing that matters to people.  Millennials are starting to figure this stuff out — too bad they’re 13 months too late!

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rightonoz December 5, 2013 at 6:31 pm

A stuff up of monumental proportions.

Feel sorry for those who will lose their cover due to incompetence. While Obama didn’t design the broken web site etc, there’s that old saying “the buck stops here”, and it’s his desk!


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