Boehner on Conservatives: “I Don’t Care What They Do”

by Ryan on December 12, 2013

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By “they,” Speaker Boehner is referring to conservative groups upset at the latest Establishment capitulation over the budget.

Unnamed conservative groups, by the way.  Real brave.

Boehner’s maneuver was insidious — everyone knew the basic outline of the budget deal and conservatives thought that that outline sucked.  It does.  But to then to attack conservative criticism as if they didn’t know anything is dishonest at best.  The right hasn’t undermined their credibility, the Establishment loses that every day, especially on days when Boehner acts like this.

This was a power play, a formal declaration of an internecine war which has sadly been well underway. For Boehner and the Establishment the Tea Party is his enemy, not Obama and the Democrats.  No one wins in a GOP civil war, but if Boehner wants it, let’s have it out.

On the Ryan-Murray budget proposal itself, I understand the Brit Hume’s of the world who think that by betraying their base once again on these issues, the GOP gets to keep the government shutdown bugaboo off the table going into next year’s elections.  I get that.  If that was the GOP’s official line on all this, I’d be OK with that.  Would I like a token fight?  Yes, but I’ll take simple capitulation from this crowd — we’re used to it anyway.

What I’m not OK with is Boehner’s insidious and unnecessary attack on the very people who gave him power, or his outright disrespect for their position on this budget.  Conservatives could say right back to Boehner, “We don’t care what you do either,” because at the end of the day it’s Boehner, Ryan, and crew who are part of the problem, not the solution to it.

UPDATE:  Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have a few things to say about Boehner’s faction.

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