Rush on the Establishment War Against the Tea Party

by Ryan on December 17, 2013

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We know that House Speaker John Boehner has drawn a line in the sand, not against Obama and the ideological left, but on the Tea Party and the ideological right.  For a start, Establishment Congressman Peter “Let’s Attack Everyone Everywhere” King just started an anti-Tea Party PAC to oppose insurgents in the primaries.

Well, Boehner and crew continued their attacks over the weekend, but not without getting noticed by Rush Limbaugh.  Rush seems to think that the Establishment war on the Tea Party means possibly accepting a series of election losses to prove to everyone how awful the Tea Party is.  I wouldn’t put it passed the Establishment, since their dwindling pool of resources makes them quite insecure.

Later, Rush made another argument for the futility of this War on Tea stating:

The Tea Party is not a political party. It is a way of life, it’s a body of thought. It is large, and it is real.  And you can have all of the donors muscling the Republican Party to oppose the Tea Party all you want, you can attack the Tea Party the way left attacks Christmas, but you are not going to get rid of the body of thought that’s represented by the Tea Party.

On the Establishment’s latest attempts to embarrass the Tea Party:

In fact, such actions are going to end up building it.  Keep in mind the Tea Party is a body of thought. The Tea Party is the ideals of the American founding. It is a large and sizable group of people, and they are not gonna be erased. They’re not gonna be whittled away.

I also agree with Rush’s assertion that traditional donor groups are moving these attacks.  One faction putting pressure and dangling tons of cash in front of the Establishment are the forces for amnesty — some believe that this fight is merely to position the ideological right as too extreme to be listened to when amnesty comes back up for a vote next year.  If true, sadly, Boehner’s behavior makes a whole lot of sense.

Supporting tax increases, no stomach on confronting Obamacare, attacking the Tea Party with more ferocity than the Democrats, then using that animus against one’s own party to position voting with those Democrats on amnesty next year?

I don’t feel it hyperbole to acknowledge that when the Whigs sold out their party’s principles in 1850, by 1854 there was no national Whig Party.  [Read: don't push us.]

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