Christie Signs New Jersey’s DREAM Act

by Ryan on December 21, 2013

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Chris Christie’s gearing up for 2016.  Since the Establishment GOP is likely planning to vote with Democrats next year on amnesty, New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie is getting with the program, signing a version of the DREAM Act (which is a misnomer, since there has been no “Act” passed by Congress, only some targeted regulations imposed by executive fiat) for New Jersey.

Here’s the gist:  if you’re a law-abiding native-born American citizen and live in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and want to attend TCNJ (a 15-minute drive), you must still pay out-of-state tuition to attend that college.

However, if your parent(s) came into the US illegally, had you or brought you to Hightstown, NJ (a notorious sanctuary city) before by the end of your 9th grade year, you get to pay in-state tuition rates.


So, as a taxpayer, I now must to pay the difference in tuition for kids who 1) shouldn’t even be in this country let alone my state, and 2) are getting a reward for their respective interest groups putting pressure on a fat nightmare poll-cat.  Great.

Christie is obviously pandering to two groups here:  Latinos who he believes helped re-elect him, and Establishment bundlers who are looking to back an Establishment GOP candidate in 2016 who polls well with Latinos.  There is no proof that the latter will manifest, considering that even average New Jerseyans would still vote for Hillary over Christie.  Regardless, here’s another reason why I did not vote to re-elect Christie last month and why I will be voting against him in the primaries come 2016.

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