NYT Provides Cover for Hillary in Benghazi Story

by Ryan on December 30, 2013

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If there was a story that the MSM would want out of the headlines, it’s Benghazi:  the murder of a US ambassador by an al Qaeda-linked militia; the repeated lies about the video by administration officials in the weeks following the attack; the way it makes the President look aloof, Hillary look cold, and the State Department look incompetent–perhaps even negligent.

Yet, the New York Times went ahead and recycled the now defunct line that a video sparked a spontaneous protest which led to the attack.  People who were on the ground that night completely disagree, as the NYT piece is clearly designed to whitewash what may have really happened.

Why would the NYT wade into this pool again, especially while a Congressional investigation is still ongoing?

Here’s why:

Imagine that video’s pull quote (0:24) in political ads running 24/7 by both Democrats and Republicans from early 2015 through the 2016 Election campaign.  That’s probably the main reason why the NYT decided to run this story — change the impression in people’s minds about what happened, keep this story in the news making it an “old story” by the campaign, and provide incentive for the Clinton campaign to come up with some kind of response sooner rather than later.

With the left, everything is politics — even if that means destroying one’s credibility in the process of advancing a political point.  I don’t think it works this time.  People died in Benghazi under Clinton’s watch at State and we still don’t have answers.

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