Ghastly math:  Roe v. Wade + 41 years = 55 million deaths.

On this dark anniversary, tens of thousands braved Arctic cold and snow for the fortieth “March For Life” in Washington DC.  I was actually at one of these back in 1998.  It was inspiring to see so many others from all parts of the country, from all walks of life, who came out in opposition to one of the worst Supreme Court rulings of the 20th Century.  Overturning Roe would go a long way to finally moving this issue to where it should lie — with the people.

Here’s my thought on that:  Roe v. Wade (1973) overturned 49 state laws on abortion.  Those who supported Roe had court precedent backing them, a compliant press, and radical feminists pushing to make this decision permanent.  That is a powerful confluence of forces.  The problem was that the people had no real say.  Forty-nine states (all but Washington) had varying degrees of restrictions on abortions which were significantly altered by the Roe decision.  Those opposed to this had no outlets, nowhere to go, smacked by the gavel of a judicial dictate.

So, on one side you have the pro-choice folks who will defend to the death the legal gains they procured, while on the other side you have the pro-life folks who are powerless to change anything, even though they believe life is being taken away in a horrible fashion.  This status quo creates extremists, the problem is never really solved for either side, and politicians get to show up every cycle to remind us about how much we hate each other on this issue for their own personal gain.

Overturn Roe and both sides win a little and lose a little:  the pro-choice crowd will have to allow the will of the people to run its course, which will mean in some areas abortion will be severely restricted or even banned; the pro-life crowd will have to accept the will of the people that will likely keep abortion legal in most places.  The game-changer will be that activism will start to mean something on this issue, policies will change to reflect the will of the people, and hopefully we may see the ire, politicking, and (hopefully) abortion rates start to ebb.

UPDATE:  Brit Hume chimes in.

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