Big Game Sunday!!!

by Ryan on February 2, 2014

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Tonight at around 6:30pm EST Super Bowl XLVIII (“48″ to us non-Romans) between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks–the league’s #1 offense versus the #1 defense, while both being #1 seeds in their respective conferences during the playoffs.  Here’s a preview.

It should be a great game–Vegas still has the game with the Broncos as 2.5-point favorites.  The temperature in New Jersey should be about 40 degrees and a bit windy at kickoff.  Around the nation there will be parties galore today and tonight, with lots of people calling out sick tomorrow, and even more people going to work and not being very productive, hoping that one day Super Bowl Monday might be a holiday of some kind, if only for the states represented in the Super Bowl.

I’m not sure how the game will go.  I still have nightmares from the last time the league’s “best offense ever” handled the bright lights of the Super Bowl, so I won’t guarantee a Broncos win, but they do have the edge in my opinion.  Honestly, I generally support the AFC when my team’s not in the Super Bowl, so I’m pushing for the Broncos.

However, if Seattle is able to manufacture a pass-rush against Peyton Manning, the Seahawks will win the game, especially since they have a great running game to kill the clock, a mobile quarterback, and the best secondary in football–Manning’s not facing New England’s defense.  Yet, Seattle could have jitters in the early part of the game and the Broncos could get out to an early lead–the Seahawks are toast in that situation since they aren’t well-designed to comeback from a huge deficit and given the pressures of sport’s biggest stage, a blowout could ensue.

Should the game be a blowout (21 Super Bowls have been decided by 14 or more points), I hope we at least get some good commercials–they’ve been hit or miss lately.

Prediction: Broncos 27 Seahawks 24

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