Super Slaughter

by Ryan on February 3, 2014

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Outside of the Pacific Northwest, last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII was not very exciting.  I predicted a 27-24 Broncos victory, contingent upon whether or not Seattle could produce a pass rush against Peyton Manning.  Well, no pass rush was necessary for the kind of beat-down we haven’t seen in a Super Bowl since 1993:  Seattle 43, Denver 8.

It was clear from last night’s “game” (using the term lightly) that Seattle came to play; Denver didn’t know what hit them.

So, given how awful the game turned out to be, how were the commercials?

See for yourself.  I liked the Hero’s Welcome, Radio Shack’s 1980s homage, and Turbo Tax prom ad the most.  To paraphrase Jimmy Kimmel, these Super Bowl commercials are getting too commercial.  Because they try to be so outrageous, they’re getting predictable (if that makes any sense).  That’s why I shined the spotlight on the three ads above — I love soldier-coming-home stories, as a Gen Xer I love 1980s nostalgia, and I thought the prom analogy for the Super Bowl was really clever.  All that, plus 24 is coming back.  Sweetness.

The evening was also darkened by news of the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 46.  Great talent and personal demons have long been tied to one another in the entertainment industry.   Hoffman was incredibly talented and perhaps his story will stir our consciousness on the issues which underlie people’s use of heavy drugs.

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