Anti-Common Core Sentiment Yielding Strange Bedfellows

by Ryan on February 4, 2014

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I’ve covered the basic problems with the Common Core education initiative hoping to draw attention to an issue many people don’t fully understand, and one that we all have to deal with.  As more and more states fully adopt the program, they’re realizing how big a mess they got themselves into — an initial $10 billion boondoggle with hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending in subsequent years just to implement the program!

Also, the politics of this has strange bedfellows:  progressives who think it’s detrimental to teachers and students (which it is), and conservatives who call it “Obamacore” since it eliminates local control over education (which it does).

Not to be outdone, the agents pushing Common Core have tried to simply rename it so that everyone will start loving it:  Jan Brewer in Arizona eliminated using the name (not the program though); in Iowa they call it “Iowa Core” (same program); and in Florida they adopted the most Orwellian name of all — “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards!”

The biggest surprise was to learn that Mike Huckabee suggested “rebranding” Common Core because the name is “toxic.”  How Stalin-like, Huckleberry!  Like Jeb Bush, Huckabee has exposed himself as part of the problem on this issue cloaking full support behind endless caveats.

Perhaps Huckleberry and crew could take a cue from Senator Roberts from Kansas who believes that Arne Duncan’s “Race to the Top” initiative which bribed the states to adopt Common Core not only sucks, but likely violates the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965!  As such Roberts has introduced legislation to deal with that problem, saying:

Unfortunately, it is evident that certain waivers from onerous education requirements have been granted only to those states that agree to implement the White House’s preferred education policies. In fact, The New York Times has referred to the waiver process as “the most sweeping use of executive authority to rewrite federal education law since Washington expanded its involvement in education in the 1960s.” My bill ensures States retain their authority to determine the curriculum and standards that are best for their students.

So, progressives and conservatives hate Common Core, while RINOs and the Obama’s education department love it.  Bizarre.  If Huckleberry is suggesting that the Common Core brand is becoming toxic, perhaps there’s hope that momentum will grow to eliminate “Obamacore” from America’s classrooms.

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