My Return. My Excuse. My Thoughts on What I Saw and Missed.

by Mike on February 12, 2014

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Hi everyone.  As any reader and um, co-blogger, knows, I’ve haven’t been seen much around here in the last several months.  Sure, I’ve made comments here and there, but I have not posted in a long time.  I apologize for that.

My pathetic excuse is that I moved to New York City and have been settling in over the last several months.  While I was in the process of moving and settling in, I didn’t pay as much attention to the news as I normally do.  When I started consuming news again after a long break, I was astonished by how unserious most of the serious news reports actually were.

A great example of this lack of seriousness is the one story I did follow during my break: the 2013 New York City Mayoral election.  With many New Yorkers either too young or too far removed from the shithole (sorry for the language, but the word is accurate) that New York once was, how Rudy Giluiani turned cleaned up the city, and Bloomberg built on the Giuliani years, it was clear that a Democrat would be elected to office.  I knew the contest would make the Star Wars bar scene look like Masterpiece Theater, but I was shocked and amused (in a dark humor sort of way) by how Democratic primary voters went about choosing the next mayor.

Other than eliminating the NYPD’s ability to use constitutionally permissible tactics such as stop and frisk and “soaking the rich,” there was little discussion of policy proposals.  Instead, they campaign went down like a clique-driven election you would see in a middle school.  The former City Council speaker was a gay woman.  So naturally she became the frontrunner for a good while.  But then Anthony Wiener entered the race and he surged ahead for a while.  But then the media decided they didn’t want Wiener to win, so the voters did as they were told and abandoned him.  Finally, near the end of the race, Bill De Blasio’s photogenic son showed what absolutely is a cool-looking afro to the voters, which even made the President take notice.  Game set match.  Cool kids win junior high elections.  Bill De Blasio became Mayor.

I see a silliness in our politics, and that seems mostly confined to the left.  But, when I started following news again, I noticed that many people on both sides don’t seem to react to the ideas being proposed.  What seems to make them tick is when someone is confronting another person who is perceived to be an enemy.  So, I’m seeing the news as silly season.

Now that I’m back, I hope to contribute my own silliness to what is left of the blogosphere (maybe another topic for another day).  I also hope to contribute something serious once in a while.  We’ll see.

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