Ukraine on the Brink

by Ryan on February 23, 2014

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It was hard to ignore all the craziness coming out of Ukraine this week — the violent protests and police crackdown, the President fleeing, the parliament transferring presidential authority, the East/West showdown renewed, talk of the final battle of the Cold War.

Phew!  When revolutions happen, events move fast.  The key concern for national leaders in countries some freedoms is not to turn your back on the voters.  Morsi got elected in Egypt then tried to change their constitution to solidify his power indefinitely.  In Ukraine’s case, their recently deposed leader worked against the will of the people in trying to tie Ukraine more towards Russia than the EU.

Russia still casts a profound shadow over Ukrainian politics.  I’m not sure how strong-fisted Putin will be in dealing with his errant neighbor. I’m especially curious since tonight the Winter Olympics in Sochi end.  Once a few news cycles pass, the international focus will leave Russia, allowing Putin more breadth to be the real Putin.

However, as a throw-back to my early teen years, any opportunity to see Lenin statues falling is one worth sharing:

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