Disillusionment, Where I’ve Been, and Why I’m Back

by Sal on February 24, 2014

in Politics,Religion

So like my co-blogger Mike, I’ve been remiss in posting to this site for quite some time, for a host of reasons.  The primary reason is that for the last couple of years, my personal life has undergone a sweeping change.  Back in the summer of 2012, Mrs Sal started our family by adopting a little two-year old boy.  The experience has been life-changing – our son is a wonderful little guy and really has changed us.  We can’t imagine life without him, and are so grateful that he bas been brought into our lives.  With all that, we were plunged into parenthood head first, and sometimes it seemed like we couldn’t come up for air enough to spend time with each other, let alone spend time pursuing other interests.  So there is that.

At the same time, I’d become quite disillusioned with politics.  Watching the GOP establishment sell out core conservative principles time after time, and bicker with the grassroots more often than with the opposition has caused me to rethink a lot of my own political thoughts.  At present, I no longer consider myself a Republican, although I still often vote that way because there aren’t many credible alternatives.  Additionally, I’ve been observing a trend of hypocrisy among many of the GOP punditry (and even some of the conservative punditry) in which they criticize things that they would have defended during the last administration.  Suffice to say, I’ve stopped paying attention to a lot of it.  I keep up with the news, but I try to get information from a variety of sources (especially online) to make my own decisions based on my ideals rather than rely on the silliness that seems to be everywhere.

My political views have evolved to more of a Christian libertarianism – government should, by and large, stay as small as possible, stay out of the way on most issues, and only get involved when it is necessary to protect rights (I say Christian libertarianism to separate myself from the pro-abortion branch of libertarianism).  I’ve also become more focused on my faith in the past few years.  I’ve been studying it, learning more about it, and trying to focus on the things in life that matter – faith and family.  Yet politics remains important and keeps drawing me back in because it affects so much else.  As we continue to go down the slippery slope of big government in this country, it affects those things.  The battle over religious freedom in this country is but one example of that.  So that is why I’m returning – to continue to fight that battle, to offer a new perspective that I didn’t have before, and to do my very small part to help restore some sanity to our political world.  I’ll be touching on different topics than in the past – technology in politics, faith, and the practical effects that politics have on average Americans, as well as the normal news-based commentary that I used to provide.  As we approach another election season, there will be no shortage of things to discuss.  I will say that I have missed writing, and it’s good to be back!

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