NJ Girl Sues Parents for Their Property

by Ryan on March 4, 2014

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Rachel Canning, 18, didn’t like her parent’s rules and left home to live with a friend.  It’s the old “live under my roof, live with my rules” phenomenon every parent has a right to demand of their adult children living at home.

Most young adults either suck-it-up or move out.  Canning decided to deal with it another way.  She turned around and sued her own parents for $654 a week and attorney’s fees!  Her parents agreed to pay her college tuition and let this all slide if she just moved back home.  Instead, the case went forward, ending up in front of a county judge today.

Unfortunately, the judge’s ruling was mixed:  the judge denied Canning’s request for back and future payment (duh), but insisted the parents not touch the college fund until April when a tentative hearing may take place to figure out that angle (not so good).

To me, (legally anyway) this is about property rights.  If you can vote, get drafted, get married, gamble, or go to jail for your crimes, your parents don’t owe you their property anymore, especially if you refuse to abide by your parent’s rules!  That’s cold, but that’s life.  Actions beget consequences.  Adult children suing parents for cash in this case is ridiculous.

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