CPAC Opener has Standing O for Christie

by Ryan on March 6, 2014

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That title itself tells me everything I need to know about the value of the “C” in CPAC these days.  They also had a standing ovation for Mitch McConnell, who needed props to elicit such a response (please donate to his primary challenger, Matt Bevin, and finally get Mitch to retire).  At least they saved one ovation for Ted Cruz.

Of course, nearly everything Chris Christie says either insults my intelligence or pisses me off.  He represents the main problem with the GOP in my eyes.  He’s a typical Northeast Liberal Republican tailor-made to lose a general election (aka, the perfect Establishment GOP candidate).

I actually live in New Jersey and can say that our economy was mostly better under Jon Corzine than under Christie.  That’s an objective statement where property taxes are concerned.  Christie adopted Obamacore Common Core to take Obama-bucks, raised tolls across the state, took temporary Obamacare Medicaid funds when he didn’t have to, agrees with nearly all aspects of the surveillance state, loves gun control, embraces the DREAM Act, errs on the side of big government every chance he gets, and of course the embrace.

So when Christie gets an ovation from CPAC, I need to ask: how much Kool Aid were they serving in the ballroom? are they just being polite? are they afraid of road construction in front of their busy bridges if he gets elected President? being the first day of CPAC, were they just in an ovating kind of mood?

There were two pull-quotes from his speech: “Republican governors in this country have stood up and done things, not just talked about them.” Too bad most of the things Christie did were statist-oriented, big government in nature which will hurt New Jersey in the long run.

But this one roiled me: “Let us come out of here resolved not only to stand for our principles, but let’s come out of this conference resolved to win elections again.”  I hadn’t noticed all those conservatives who didn’t want to win elections.  I did, however, notice lots of Establishment types for amnesty, gun control, and other Democrat issues who actually lost elections and depressed base turnout.  Maybe he means those types?  Nah!  He is that type:  a total establishment blowhard.

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