Jolly in Florida

by Ryan on March 12, 2014

in Election 2014,Health Care,Politics

Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a special election last night for Florida’s 13th Congressional district.  The district was historically Republican, but voted twice for Obama.  Jolly had a bloody primary battle, was trashed by the Establishment GOP last week, and was pitted against the Democrat machine with a candidate in Sink who barely lost a statewide election to Rick Scott four years ago.  So, the national Democrat machine swept in to take the seat, but ended up losing.

Some have said that this race is a referendum on Obamacare, or that the Dems are in some deep trouble this Fall.  Why can’t both ideas be right!  While that would be nice, the race itself was ridiculously close and Jolly is up for reelection in November, so this all may be temporary.

However, I have a big issue with the Establishment writing Jolly off last Friday, until Jolly finally implied that he would support Boehner for Speaker — then it was all smiles for Boehner who called yesterday’s result a “big win.”

So, they trash the guy when they think he can’t win, then laud him after he wins in spite of Establishment GOP efforts.  If independent GOP candidates keep winning elections, the Establishment should be very worried as more of these “big wins” could mean less need to put up with petty Establishment games and coercion.

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