Crimea Secedes, Russia Succeeds, Ukraine Pleads, America Won’t Lead

by Ryan on March 18, 2014

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The last week or so has seen an acceleration of events between Russia, Crimea, and Ukraine which seemingly could spiral anywhere.

Russian-occupied Crimea voted the other day to secede — I’m not sure how “legal” the vote was until one thinks, of course, that there is no such thing as international law, just international norms that major powers enforce on occasion.  Also, spontaneous secessionist movements are kind of unpredictable I suppose — one can’t blame Ukraine for being pissed.

Then earlier today, Russia decides that independent Crimea should really be Russian and annexed the peninsula.  Granted, Khrushchev was the one who ceded Crimea to Ukraine from Russia in the 1950s.  Russia’s just looking to get its old Reich territories back.

Ukraine is screaming bloody-murder and is preparing for armed conflict.

So what does America do?

The Obama Administration has its response: sanctions on 21 people.  The Russian Deputy Prime Minister actually laughed.

The GOP has their predictable two-pronged answer: 1) Obama sucks — you should have voted Romney, and 2) go big on sanctions or go home.

The Ron Pauls of the world don’t see a strategic American interest and would rather we butt-out.  The Rush Limbaughs of the world seem to be in the ballpark on a reasonable response — if we do anything, let the Russians feel it for real.

The truth is that these 3am phone call situations will be blundered by the Obama team, either on purpose or from sheer lack of strategic thought.  So as Crimea secedes from Ukraine, while Russia succeeds in gobbling up territory, and the Ukraine prepares for war, the United States can’t seem to get its act together.  Perhaps that’s why Putin is doing this in the first place — what are we going to do?  What would we do?  What are we doing?  If I were Putin, why stop here — as they say, ownership is 90% possession.

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