RI Speaker Resigns Amid Murky Investigation

by Ryan on March 23, 2014

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Rhode Island’s House Speaker, Gordon Fox (D), resigned yesterday amid an investigation by the US attorney’s office, the FBI, the IRS, and the state police.  The story itself is interesting for two reasons: first, that no one yet knows what the investigation is all about, and secondly, that Fox is biracial and gay.

In this age of identity politics, Fox’s sexual preference could either exacerbate this story, or prompt a near-complete MSM blackout because of it — remember, to our media elites it’s not what you did, it’s who you are which makes the difference in covering political stories.

In a perfect world, Fox’s race or sexual preference shouldn’t make a difference unless it’s directly part of the investigation.  “Gay-American” and former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey tried to play the identity-politics card when he resigned in 2004 — the problem was that McGreevey’s using of state funds for his sexual indiscretions should have been the focus, not his sexual preference which is where the story eventually went.

Since Fox is involved in Rhode Island politics, I wouldn’t put the identity-politics card past him.  I am, however, dying to know what these federal and state investigative agencies were looking for… we’ll just have to wait and see.

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