Good Start: Indiana to Dump Common Core

by Ryan on March 30, 2014

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As it discovers more about Common Core, Indiana will become the first state that adopted the program to dump it after its initial phases are over.  Some believe that this development could start a snowball effect as more states implement the standards this Fall.  We’ll have to see where all this is going.

Common Core is supported by the usual political establishment types, but opposed by a more diverse political coalition.  Yet, I guarantee that many other states, especially red states and even some purple ones, will reassess use of these standards.  They had better act fast though–the SAT and AP assessments are already changing their formats to cater to their new Common Core masters.

At the grassroots level, more regular people are reacting against these standards, including a dad whose letter about the “new math” went viral recently.  This uprising is sure to gain momentum by the Fall, maybe even impacting a few close Congressional races.

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