Movie Review–Captain America: The Winter Soldier

by Ryan on April 6, 2014

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Marvel’s latest comic book adaptation, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, hit theaters this weekend with both a fun and highly political message.  Here’s the trailer:

The reviews are in and Winter Soldier is definitely worth the price of admission.  It’s even received Glenn Beck’s seal of approval (which is very hard to get for a big-budget Hollywood film).  Plus, the film’s own directors admit that the film is an allegory critical of the Obama-era policy of targeted drone strikes and mass surveillance!  I haven’t been to the movies in a while, but the great reviews along with the political intrigue got my butt to the theaters.

The film itself deals with Captain America coping with his new role in the 21st Century.  He’s adapting pretty well, but begins to learn a terrible truth about some members of his agency, SHIELD, and has a moral conflict — he’s supposed to be part of a law enforcement agency tasked with helping the people, but discovers a plot which seeks to permanently curtail our freedoms for the sake of peace and order.  It’s very relevant to today’s headlines, bringing in the “Winter Soldier,” an old Soviet-era assassin with an important secret!

I will say no more — there are elements of the plot to spoil.  This movie is politically relevant, filled with action and adventure (along with the perennially uber-hot Scarlett Johansson).  One leaves the theater thinking.  In fact, I feel this to be the best comic book political satire since The Dark Knight (which I still think is brilliant allegory of the War on Terror).  Unfortunately, in order to understand everything about this film, you kind of have to see the first Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Pulp Fiction (Pulp Fiction? You’ll see — it’s only a two second scene, but it’s hilarious if you catch it).  Overall, I give the movie an A- but those just coming off the street without knowing all the references to those other films, you may give it a high B.

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