Bundy Ranch Standoff Ends

by Ryan on April 13, 2014

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Hopefully you’ve been paying attention to events happening in Nevada regarding rancher Clive Bundy’s conflict with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) — it says a lot about what is bubbling beneath the surface in DC and across the nation.

The case is simple: Bundy has to pay grazing fees to the federal government since his cattle grazes on federal lands.  Bundy refused to pay the fees back in 1994 and was taken to court — the fees now total around $1 million.

Now, two decades later, BLM decided to physically enforce its mandate by seizing the cattle.

Here’s a link to the raw footage of what went down.

Here’s the issue:  the regulation is stupid, but it is the law.  Bundy is legally wrong and the feds want their money.  Bundy used this event to draw attention to an overreaching federal government.  His family has owned the land since 1887 and would gladly pay the town or state for use of the land — his problem is with the feds.  The situation has the potential to escalate since the raw footage above has struck a chord with many who think such a government reaction is out of proportion with the crime.

Yesterday, the feds finally blinked and, while vowing not to let this go, have temporarily removed the stormtroopers.  We’ll see if the troops return see once the heat dies down in a few weeks.

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