Sparring Over Common Core

by Ryan on April 18, 2014

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While scouring the Internets this morning, I noticed RCP had two contrasting views on Common Core — the national education standards 45 states adopted without looking at them first.

David Brooks takes the Ruling Class apologist’s view, basically that one should just get over it and embrace the change.

Erick Erickson takes the skeptical view, basically that it seeks to benefit the businesses who fund the politicians who promote.

Both agree that some type of minimum national standards make sense in our highly mobile society.  However, Erickson and Brooks disagree on the math standards. Brooks believes that the new math is a “feature, not a bug,” while Erickson puts it this way:

No longer is it correct to add 2 and 2 to get 4.  Now a child must explain why that is so. If a child decides that the answer is 5 instead of 4 but provides a logical reason for the answer, teachers are encouraged to give the child points. …

In second grade, our child has already been exposed to time, money, addition, subtraction, measuring, multiplication, division and fractions and is now headed into math involving parentheses. Before one concept is grasped, new concepts are approached. Common Core seeks to build familiarity before competence.

Parents can’t help kids with math anymore because the new math doesn’t make sense.  However, parents are told that students who get help from their parents perform better, so please by our study guides, etc. so your kid can succeed — something Erickson called “justifications to maintain the madness.”

Hopefully, more and more people, whether they have children or not, will be talking about these changes and put pressure on their local and statewide representatives to alter or abolish Common Core in their states — while it’s great for certain businesses and politicians in the short-term, it’s not good for our kids moving forward.

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