Reid’s Interest in Those “Domestic Terrorists”

by Ryan on April 19, 2014

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After the recent Bundy Ranch fiasco finally died down, Nevada Senator Harry Reid jumped into the mix, calling those who descended to the ranch to support Clive Bundy “domestic terrorists.”  While this kind of hyperbole is completely uncalled for (especially for the Senate Majority Leader) and diminishes the meaning of “terrorist,” Reid doubled down on the statement a few days later!

While some are still very upset about the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) lack of a proportionate response to Bundy’s tax issues, others have been having some fun with it — including wearing “Domestic Terrorist” name tags to demonstrate Reid’s ridiculousness!

The crazy thing is, the federal government could have simply put a lien on Bundy’s property in order to get the money it needs rather than seize his property with armed agents and attack dogs.  So why the brazen display of power?

Interestingly, Harry Reid’s son represented a Chinese firm to which the feds were going to hand over this particular grazing land so this Chinese company could build a $5 billion solar plant on the land.  Reid himself pushed the deal through.  After things escalated, the BLM took that information off its website and the shock troops backed off.

Reid’s entry into this by trying to paint the Bundy and his supporters as dangerous suddenly starts to make perfect sense.  Following the money clarifies much about our politics these days.

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