New (and Old) Star Wars Cast Revealed!!!

by Ryan on April 29, 2014

in Anything Else,Pop Culture

While there are no spoilers available about the storyline of the upcoming “Star Wars VII” film, JJ Abrams and crew have released a casting list for the film.

While many the new faces are relative unknowns and their parts in the film are still a mystery, a number of oldie-but-goodies will be returning to the cast to reprise their roles (the super Star Wars fans will recognize these names and characters):  Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, Peter Meyhew, Anthony Daniels, and everyone’s favorite, Kenny Baker!

When plot points become available, I will consciously try to avoid them.  Until then, these kinds of announcements help to stir excitement for the upcoming films.  I’m stoked!

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