New Benghazi Emails Emerge

by Ryan on May 1, 2014

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And they aren’t too pretty.  Even as officers on the ground and at headquarters knew that the September 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks were perpetrated by a coordinated terrorist effort, the Obama Administration was making up and sticking to the ridiculous story that a video made the attackers do it.

Hours after the attack the spin began and was perpetuated by the administration, including Hillary — something which will haunt her potential 2016 run for President (this exchange is a classic one too which we will see in campaign commercials as we approach 2016).  Perpetuating what they knew to be a lie about the video in front of the families of the fallen as the caskets arrived is just awful.

But what now?  There’s a paper trail proving that the administration lied about Benghazi in the weeks leading up to the 2012 election and that one of the key players in the lie is likely trying to be our next President!  To any real journalist, that is a story worth covering.  But, the MSM won’t report on it.

What about forming a permanent subcommittee to really investigate, find the answers, and move on?  Oh, that’s right, Boehner has no balls — he has clearly handed them to the amnesty lobby. So that’s going nowhere.

What has always frustrated me about the Benghazi story is that it is a real story with a terrorist attack on 9/11, a dead US ambassador, organized cover-ups by an administration looking to avoid embarrassment before an upcoming election, etc., that our media elites a are simply not interested in covering.  It makes me more inclined to write about it and ask more questions.  Hopefully, someone in a position of power will do something about that while it still matters to the players currently (or potentially, in Hillary’s case) involved.

UPDATE:  Looks like Boehner was pressured into growing a pair — he’s calling for a special select committee to investigate!  We may actually be on our way to getting some answers.

UPDATE 2:  Watch this wonderful exchange from Fox News Sunday — trying to defend the administration’s video story looks this bad.

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