Monica Lewinsky Opens Up

by Ryan on May 6, 2014

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America’s most famous intern wrote a piece for Vanity Fair about her salacious relationship with our 42nd President.  The Lewinsky Affair led to the first impeachment of a President since 1868.  Like it or not, it’s part of history.

First of all, she’s 40 now.  Yikes!  She was a 22-year-old White House intern at the time of the affair… nineteen years ago — wow, how time flies!

Next, the Vanity Fair teases didn’t seem too surprising — the Clinton apparatus didn’t pay her to keep silent (I guess), it was a consensual thing (how could it not be — he’s the President, and she’s not Hillary!), etc.  She does admit that her boss took advantage of her and that she read that Hillary blamed herself for Bill’s predatory behavior — poor Hillary might guilt more than a few votes from that revelation.  It’s always drama with that couple.

Finally, I’m always curious about the timing of these kinds of revelations.  The press loved Clinton and the Clintons love stagecraft.  This could just be Vanity Fair  trying to get their readership up or something less innocent.

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