Southern Poverty Law Center: Common Core Critics “Extremist”

by Ryan on May 11, 2014

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The Southern Poverty Law Center (probably in dire need of attention and funds these days) has labelled those who raise their voices in opposition to the Common Core federal takeover of education standards as promoting “far-right propaganda” associated with “Fox News, the John Birch Society, Tea Part factions, and the Christian Right.”

I’m not shocked that the SPLC would take such a position since they are firmly ensconced within the left-wing progressive universe.  I’m just surprised it took them this long!  Somehow the growing grassroots opposition to Common Core must have struck a chord.

Breitbart posted an article which attempts to explain why opposition to the Common Core is not so extreme.  Here are a few highlights:

  • The completely unaccountable National Governors Association and a progressive education think-tank, Achieve Inc., spearheaded the whole initiative.
  • State boards of education signed on with very little (if any) scrutiny of these unproven standards, nor was public debate encouraged.
  • Business-end implementation has been privately funded by the corporatist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (we get to pay for the rest moving forward).
  • Thirty-four states have legislation somehow pushing back against these standards.
  • There is no public record as to who selected the people who wrote the standards, some of whom had no relevant experience in education.

What the SPLC and everyone else should be concerned about is how Common Core ended up in 45 states and DC without any significant scrutiny.  I understand the “Race to the Top” money carrot, but implementing such substantial (even radical) changes into our public school systems raises an alarm about how easily our elected officials and their bureaucratic apparatchiks can be bought off at the expense of the kids in our schools.

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