Beck on the Santa Barbara Killings

by Ryan on May 27, 2014

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Six people were killed and thirteen were wounded when 22 year old Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree this weekend.  Rodger left a massive manifesto and many YouTube videos trying to explain his mindset before perpetrating these murders.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims.

Unfortunately, the political class went into their usual frenzy to use this event to further their agendas.

However, Glenn Beck had a unique perspective that is worth sharing because he believes that the focus should not be on what we’re all yelling about, but about what no one else wants to talk about — how do kids go dead inside, and should we be worried about our own kids.

The perp was a kid who got everything he wanted, hit puberty and immersed himself totally in video games, and had to actually work for something (finding a girlfriend and keeping friends), learning he wasn’t good at it.  So his anger builds and builds and builds and he finally snaps, killing people with knives and guns.

Many of those reading this did not have the Internet during their formative years — PacMan and Super Mario Bros were as high-tech as things got.  Today’s young people do not remember a world without a vast instant-access Internet with immersive, realistic programs that could easily envelope  all of your time.  Heck, even “phones” have Internet access!  It’s all around us all the time.  To deny that this could have a serious effect on a developing brain or on developing social skills at a key phase of life is irresponsible.

When crazy people act, it’s hard to understand where they are coming from.  Beck is trying to start a conversation from an angle I haven’t heard much this weekend, but one I believe is very important for us to contemplate as a society.

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rightonoz June 1, 2014 at 6:55 am

I know it’s in your constitution, however outside of that argument, I favour VERY strict gun control as we have here in Oz. We have very few gun related crimes, and extremely few gun deaths. We did have the world’s worst single person massacre for quite some year, Port Arthur which promoted our current rules. (NO military style weapons allowed and no pistols outside of job required and pistol clubs.)

We don’t need weapons for personal self defence (generally).

I realise nothing will change in the US, however live in the hope one day the NRA bullying will fail and at least sensible pre-purchase and periodic licence renewal laws will pass and be upheld by the Supreme Court, though even they seem to be scared of the NRA (who represent a minority of Americans). Having teachers armed to ‘protect’ kids is not the answer. When shooting starts even trained police and military personal close to the action have trouble hitting a moving target, and having innocents in or near the field of fire is a recipe for disaster. The person with the best chance is the sniper well back who can take deliberate action. You’re never getting that in your school, or local shopping mall.

I say all this as licensed to own guns, trained in military and police weapons who has fired in anger. Having given up sport hunting some years back, I no longer own any.

Part of the problem (IMHO) is that many of those wanting unrestricted rights have no idea what the result of a 9mm at close range or for that matter a PH M82 (equiv to your M95) at 800 yards looks like. It’s not some sanitary bloodless event. I know too many ex service guys from the Borneo incident with Indonesia and Vietnam who still have nightmares, the worst affected being snipers who have to make a conscious, deliberate decision.

I believe one of you has a brother in or ex services. Ask him.

Sorry, drifted slightly off subject towards the end, but you know what I’m getting at.


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