How in the hell do tens of thousands of unaccompanied children end up swamping the Mexican border, creating an impending humanitarian crisis?

As far as I can tell, there are two reasons:  1) negligent border security efforts and 2) the impression in many Central American countries that an amnesty is coming.

So, the Obama Nation creates a problem, then puts pressure on to create a politically advantageous solution.  Classic social agitation tactic, but people are suffering.

Predictably, the GOP has decided not to attack the Obama Administration’s negligence on this issue, but sit together with them to figure out a way to create a permanent Democrat-voting underclass through some form of amnesty.  That’s OK, because like five of them might be pro-life voters!  Woo hoo–5 out of millions!

The Stupid Party strikes again.  At least the Establishment’s Tea Party foes are keeping the heat on.

Oh, and how many of these folks are not Hispanic?  Romanians?  Very interesting.  How’d they get into Mexico to come here in the first place?  Sounds like there’s some complicity in the murk.

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