The Cochran/McDaniel Run-off Fiasco

by Ryan on June 26, 2014

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This past Tuesday, Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran defeated insurgent Tea Party-favorite Chris McDaniel in a run-off election by about 6,700 votes.  While McDaniel defeated Cochran in the popular vote after the first primary election, McDaniel failed to get the 50% needed to avoid a run-off.

McDaniel is obviously upset and is threatening legal action, which will only turn more voters away from the general election this Fall.  Part of McDaniel’s frustration is that Mississippi has an open primary system, which means Democrats can potentially vote to determine the Republican nominee.  And show up they didRace-baited in a way usually reserved for Democrats, Cochran supporters intimidated thousands of traditionally Democrat black voters to go to the polls against McDaniel.

Obviously conservatives are upset; others are really upset!  I am not surprised that the Establishment chose power over principle, or that though McDaniel got more GOP votes than Cochran in the initial election (and possibly the second as well), or that the good ol’ boy impulse reigned supreme.  The Establishment sucks.  They don’t get it — their thinking, politicking, and paradigm are old.

Also, listening to talk radio and reading online perspectives, it seems like Mississippi conservative voters may sit out November or write-in McDaniel.  If Cochran loses this Fall and happens to have been the lost 51st GOP vote in the Senate, I stand with those who believe that the Establishment contributed greatly to the loss for caring more about race-baiting Democrat voters to the polls to protect a hidebound lackey than listening to the only energized base the GOP has.

You’d figure that since 2.5 million GOP voters stayed home in 2012, the Establishment would start encouraging the GOP base to engage in the process, rather than depressing it through blatant opposition or courting of Democrats in the primaries to squash grassroots upstarts.  After what the Establishment did in this run-off, I’d have no problem writing-in McDaniel were I a Mississippi voter.  The Establishment would have earned my lack of trust.

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