Crisis Prone Day: Gaza Invasion, Malaysian Air Crash, Persistent Border Issues

by Ryan on July 17, 2014

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It’s just one of those days.

Israel invades Gaza.  After ten days of on-and-off ceasefires and peace talks, the Israelis decided that a blunt force trauma to the Hamas terrorist infrastructure would be the best move to secure their border.  Can’t blame Israel — they even announced days ago that they were coming in order to limit civilian casualties.

Sharing the headlines this afternoon was a Malaysian airliner which was shot down by who-knows-who over Ukraine killing 298, with at least American.  Was it the Russians? a Ukrainian splinter group?  a terrorist infiltrator? Who knows!  The chaos in Eastern Ukraine has made anything possible.  Tragically, it hasn’t been such a good year for flying Malaysian Air.

And don’t forget the escalating crisis on the US Southern border (though given the latest polls the administration would be happy if we did).  On this issue I think it’s safe to say that what we are experiencing is tantamount to an invasion — another self-inflicted wound to our national security which the administration will be glad to see relegated to the back burner for a few days while the other crises explode.

This one’s not going anywhere though — can’t wait until September when school districts across the country will have to account for thousands of new LEP (Limited English Proficient) students in the Fall, or in January when the Obamacare employer mandate kicks in to the chagrin of native workers who employers may lay them off in light of all the cheap underground laborers they can exploit instead.  Those issues should go over just peachy with the American people.

I’d feel better about things if we had competent people with America’s best interest at heart running things.

UPDATE: It seems like a Russian-backed Ukrainian separatist group is at fault for downing the plane.

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