Pelosi Unhinged on the House Floor

by Ryan on August 3, 2014

in Election 2014,Politics,Stupid government

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a bit unhinged when Pennsylvania Congressman, Republican Tom Marino, called her out for playing politics with the border by indicating that the Democrats had all the power back in 2009-10 and did nothing about these problems.  Here’s a Fox News interview with Marino on his reaction to Pelosi:

While a wimpy border bill eventually passed the House, it is likely to die from neglect on Harry Reid’s desk over in the Senate.  Regardless, Pelosi’s Ruling Class demeanor on the floor of the House is telling — Marino did hit a nerve, and one Pelosi should have let her acolytes deal with in the traditional fashion.  She’s losing it.

It’s clearly time that she spend more time with her grandkids in retirement.

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