Project Veritas on the Border: Do You Feel Safe?

by Ryan on August 11, 2014

in Immigration,Media,Politics,Stupid government,War on Terror

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas just released a new video designed to emphasize the real problem with an open Southern border — we don’t really know who is coming over the border!  Here’s the latest video showing O’Keefe himself, dressed like Osama Bin Laden crossing from Mexico into the United States.

The Southern border should have been sealed up directly after 9/11.  For some reason, the Bush Administration decided that thousands of miles of porous border wasn’t a national security concern.  Obama has only made it worse.  Is everyone crossing the border a poor Latin American looking for the American dream and just didn’t feel like waiting in line like everyone else?  Or are more sinister elements taking advantage of our leader’s malfeasance?  I don’t know.  That answer alone should be enough to justify a guarded, secure border.  Rumsfeld would call it a “known unknown.”

Either way, I love what O’Keefe does by exposing our ruling elites the way that the press really should.

H/T Daily Caller.

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