Raimondo and Fung to Square Off in Rhode Island

by Mike on September 9, 2014

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The three Axis of Right bloggers all moved away, but we grew up in the smallest state in the union and still keep track of what’s going on there.  Tonight, the state held its primaries, and the gubernatorial race could be an interesting one.

In the Democrat primary, State Treasurer Gina Raimondo won comfortably over Providence Mayor Angel Tavares and Clay Pell.  The win was a bit of surprise because, although liberal, Raimondo has not been overly ideological in her time as General Treasurer.  As someone with a background in venture capital, Raimondo is a woman who understands numbers and understood just how unsustainable Rhode Island’s pension system is and had the courage to push for reform against entrenched interests.  Tavares also understood the need for pension reform, but his candidacy seemed to generate the support of many who are guided by identity politics.  As for Pell, well, his grandfather was a senator and he’s married to Michelle Kwan.  So, of course, he had a following in that nepotistic blue state.

Raimondo will face Allan Fung, the competent and popular Mayor of Cranston, who won tonight’s Republican primary against Ken Block.  While I wish Fung’s proposals were a bit bolder, he seems to understand that a state that taxes corporations into oblivion is not a state that will attract the jobs those corporations create.

As someone who has faith in the ability of people to improve their own lives and contribute to the prosperity of their communities when the government stays out of their way, I’m pulling for Fung.  Nevertheless, it is good to know that the Democrats selected their best candidate as well.  No matter who wins, Rhode Island will have a better governor come January.  Let’s hope it’s Fung though.

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