2014 Midterms: Another Missed Opportunity

by Ryan on October 19, 2014

in Election 2014

We’re sixteen days out from what should be a massive GOP landslide in the 2014 Midterm elections on November 4.  Ebola, ISIS, Obamacare’s latest victims, the porous borders, etc. should make this real easy for the GOP.  Yet, the latest polls indicate that a landslide is not likely to take place.

Why not?

Brent Bozell has a hunch in a recent Fox News editorial — the GOP is doing everything it can to mute conservatives, even though a conservative message would both provide a stark contrast with the Democrats, as well as reflect where the American people actually stand on the issues.  The GOP leadership is “AWOL” on attacking the Administration and Democrats regarding the results of their horrible progressive policies which are manifestly hurting this nation.  This should be a cake walk.

Historically, the sixth year of a presidency is murder to the President’s party.  The “six year itch” has been a real phenomenon.  With only one exception (in 1998, shaped by the short-term force of an impending and very unpopular impeachment vote), every sixth-year Midterm since the 1800s has yielded trouble:  TR’s GOP in 1906 got hammered, Wilson’s Dems in 1918 got trounced, FDR’s Dems in 1938 lost 72 seats, Truman’s Dems lost many seats in 1950, Ike’s GOP lost plenty in 1958, Nixon/Ford’s GOP lost 54 seats in 1974, Reagan’s GOP lost the Senate in 1986, and Dubya’s GOP lost both houses in 2006.  Since the Civil War only in 1862, 1934, 1998, and 2002 did the President’s party actually pick up seats in any Midterm election!

No one expects the Dems to pick up seats in the 2014 Midterms, but the closeness of these elections indicates are real problem with the GOP that has been well-documented throughout the years on this website.  The Establishment doesn’t know how to win, and when the GOP wins they misinterpret the reasons, preventing any real shift in voting patterns.

We’ll see how this all shakes out in a few weeks, but it looks like another missed opportunity for the inept, ineffective, hidebound GOP Establishment class who are screwing things up once again and earning the well-deserved reputation as leaders of the Stupid Party.

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