2014 Aftermath: Who Really Won

by Ryan on November 5, 2014

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The election results from the 2014  midterm election are coming in, but the outcome is already a fait accompli:  the GOP has retained the House of Representatives, won 24 of 36 gubernatorial elections, and took the Senate by at least two votes [as of this moment some these numbers are in flux as a few races are still being decided].

After enduring a GOP-controlled Congress for six years during the Bush Administration, I’m not particularly joyous about the GOP taking the reins of the House and Senate again.  During the Bush Administration federal non-military discretionary spending rose more than any other presidency since LBJ, the father of the Great Society.  A Republican Congress and a Republican President did that.

I’m not one to easily forget when I’ve been wronged.

However, people can change.  So, what lessons have the GOP learned?

The soon-to-be Senate majority leader boasted of “crushing” the Tea Party – the only true vibrant conservative political force in America today.  No Democrat-crushing; Tea Party crushing.  I have no use for Mitch McConnell beyond that he’s literally not Harry Reid.  He’s an old fuddy-duddy power-hungry bully who needs to retire.

On Obamacare?  McConnell merely wants to tinker with it through a labyrinthine appropriations process where anyone can say anything politically about what shakes out.  What about all that repeal talk?  Even though 100% of the Senate GOP candidates who won campaigned on repealing Obamacare, there’ll be no more repeal talk.  NOR will McConnell entertain any tough budget negotiations.

Useless.  Completely useless.

At this point, here’s what seems to be the basic differences between the GOP and the Dems:  the GOP wants the opportunity to manage the $3+ trillion federal coffers its own way and the GOP will occasionally pay lip-service to the Constitution when their base gets too noisy.

Since there is no true fiscally responsible political party devoted to limiting government to strengthen the people, I do not have any positive expectations from Congress over the next few years especially with McConnell as Senate majority leader, and Boehner as the House Speaker.  An anti-conservative, hidebound, Droopy-like bully leading the Senate and a weak-kneed, weepy, creamsicle leading a rudderless party in the House is now pitted against a Mussolini-like statist bent on social derision and extra-Constitutional action.

Great.  The Stupid Party and the Evil Party continue to earn their reputations.

So, I’m not particularly optimistic or happy or excited about the GOP wins last night.  These victories are hollow, being more anti-Dem than anything else.  Even if the Dems are as nationally weak as at anytime since the 1920s,  so what?  Practically speaking what does that even mean if McConnell’s ready to make deals compromising the very principles the GOP was just elected to represent?  I didn’t feel represented by my government Monday, nor am I confident that the new Congress will fight on behalf of strong citizens over a strong central government.

As a former registered member of the GOP (I dropped my party ID back in 2009), I can sympathize what it must have felt like to be a disenfranchised, unrepresented Whig back in 1854.

Finally, regarding who really won the 2014 Election last night, Glenn Beck said it best: “Not you.”

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