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George Zimmerman Acquitted

July 14, 2013

Last evening the six-member jury deliberating the guilt of George Zimmerman found him not guilty, acquitting him for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  The Blaze has great coverage of the last 24 hours, as this story keeps developing. Having been on a million juries (that’s what I get for voting in every election!), [...]

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Benghazi-gate Hearings: “I Want to Know Why We were Lied To”

October 10, 2012

The House Oversight Committee heard testimony today about the September 11th debacle in Benghazi.  The Blaze has robust coverage of the details, so check out their links and timeline including Rep. Trey Gowdy’s warranted outrage which includes this post’s title quote. How’d we get here?  Four Americans died on September 11 as a result of [...]

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Light Bulbs Could be the New Wi-Fi

September 30, 2012

German physicist Herald Haas attached a special microchip to an LED light bulb and voila! he’s created a potentially marketable VLC (Visible Light Communication) device!  (I’m sure that description seriously simplified the process) So, what’s VLC? In order to save energy, LED bulbs flicker many times per second — so fast that one doesn’t notice.  [...]

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“New Party” Obama Revelations

June 7, 2012

Stanley Kurtz, writing for National Review Online, expanded upon a period in Obama’s past when Obama openly supported, and apparently joined and sought the endorsement of, the “New Party,” a European-type socialist-leaning ACORN-affiliated group.  The New Party was so outside the mainstream back in the 1990s, they had to work through the front-group “Progressive Chicago” [...]

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Breitbart has Some Fun at CPAC

February 11, 2012

Every February the CPAC convention meets to rally conservatives and make establishment Republicans either squirm or figure out who to pretend to support this cycle.  Outside (and inside) the CPAC convention in DC this year, the Occupy rubes showed up — some of whom are actually getting paid by labor unions to be there!  Astroturf, [...]

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Who Needs Economists When We Have Psychics!

June 25, 2011

Scouring the Internet today, I bumped into this CNN video posted at Malkin’s site: I knew it — Bernanke’s Moon sign tells us he’ll be happy sometime in the Fall;  hence the economy will be looking up!  On the other hand, Bernanke could be happy because he got news of a grandchild coming, or maybe [...]

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February 4, 2011

Despite the inclement weather, the unemployment rate cheerily lowered from 9.4% in December to 9.0% in January!  Some are quite pleased and the lower number can only mean we’re moving in the right direction.  Right? Unfortunately, no.  The figure being released is the “U3″ number which only counts those still looking for work who can’t [...]

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Why Pelosi’s Not Speaker Anymore

January 8, 2011

So it was always this simple: To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh’s great observation: whenever liberals are out of power they’re just plain funny!  I’m certain a part of Pelosi actually believes this.  Remember, the Dems used Herbert Hoover as a mallet to hit Republicans for seventy years.  They’ll probably be blaming things on Bush well into [...]

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Leslie Nielsen, RIP

November 29, 2010

Actor, comedian, Canadian Leslie Nielsen died of pneumonia yesterday at the age of 84.  Best known for being in Airplane, playing Lt. Frank Drebin in the Police Squad series and the three Naked Gun movies, Nielsen was entertaining audiences since the 1950s.  While somehow filed under the “I already thought he died” list because the [...]

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Ruling Class Echoes in Delaware Senate Race

September 14, 2010

So you know, this is a cathartic Republican’s suck post written before today’s election results are in… Today is primary day in a number of states, including Delaware:  Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell versus establishment pro-choice Democrat-friendly RINO Mike Castle is the marquee match-up. The O’Donnell/Castle race symbolizes major issues which I think need to be [...]

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Imam Rauf Exposed

August 23, 2010

You can’t try to hide who you are in the Internet Age.  That goes for politicians and imams alike! Today, the Imam Rauf’s intentions were exposed by the Atlas Shrugs blog.  It’s pretty damning and reveals the planned Cordoba mosque mastermind for the Islamist he is.  Check out the piece — it’s remarkably thorough and [...]

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How Much We Really Spent on Iraq

August 22, 2010

Just a few days ago the last combat troops left Iraq putting an end to that phase of the conflict.  On September 1 it even gets a new name, Operation New Dawn.  Last week I repeated an estimate which indicated that the war itself cost roughly $1 trillion to fight.  It turns out I was [...]

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Millennials Yawn While Nation Slips

August 13, 2010

Here’s an article by Nicole Russell writing for the American Spectator that smacks Millennial’s* political apathy around a bit.  An under-30 crowd being more interested in trendy fluff than substantive issues that affect them is hardly news, but I love picking on Millennials, especially since they were all sorts of “hopey changey” in the 2008 [...]

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Gutfeld on Tolerance and the Ground Zero Mosque

August 11, 2010

Here’s a truly priceless clip from a segment on Glenn Beck’s show last night, where Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld explains his proposal for a new establishment to open right next door to the planned Cordoba Mosque, which as you know is being built in the shadows of Ground Zero: Ah, the beauty of tolerance [...]

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NAACP Snafu Revisited

July 22, 2010

Yesterday, the administration and the NAACP were in total damage-control mode as the Sherrod video exposed much more than just her racist comments taken out of context:  the NAACP released apologies and full tapes, while the administration was offering Sherrod her job back, and the MSM was predictably blaming the messenger — I even heard [...]

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Jon Kyl Calls Out Obama on the Border

June 22, 2010

Last Friday Arizona Senator Jon Kyl told a North Tempe Town Hall Tea Party event why he believes President Obama is grandstanding on the new Arizona immigration law and refusing to control the borders: Red State first reported on this and Mark Levin picked up on it.  So, the law and constitutional obligations are second [...]

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Coats Wins in Indiana; RedState Sees Red

May 5, 2010

Dan Coats (R-IN) won the Indiana GOP Senate primary last night, defeating several primary challengers, including former Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) and RedState’s golden boy State Sen. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN).  Coats will now go on to face likely Democrat challenger Brad Ellsworth, who was a member of the Stupak-12 who caved at the end.  Barring [...]

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We’re Axis of Right. And We DO NOT APPROVE That Message

April 30, 2010

I took a quick look at Axis of Right today and discovered that we had a randomly-generated ad for Charlie Crist on the left-hand (appropriate) side of the page.  Just to avoid confusion, I would like to make it clear that we here at Axis of Right do not approve that message.  Just as we [...]

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Exposing the “Crash the Tea Party” Guru

April 15, 2010

The “Crash the Tea Party” founder has had his own party crashed:  he’s Jason Levin (not sure if he’s related to Mark), an Oregon middle school teacher.  Figures.  He’s a media specialist who apparently hasn’t “heard of Google” as some have joked! So why is he in trouble?  As a teacher, myself, I know full [...]

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Rep. Cohen’s Big Time Tea Party Insults

April 5, 2010

Tennessee Democrat Representative Steve Cohen is sure to really get under the skin of the Tea Party Nation with this ridiculous interview with the Young Turks last week: Jeez!  Why all the hatin’ on the Tea Party?  I do appreciate the honesty that Cohen displays on this talk show.  He obviously felt comfortable enough to [...]

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Rep. Johnson Predicts Guam’s Demise

April 1, 2010

Listening to Rush on my day off today, El Rushbo found this gem from Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson last week: You can’t make this stuff up! Umm… I’m not sure that an island truly floats on top of the water and could even tip over if everyone decided to all go to the same beach [...]

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Obama: Let’s Drill!

March 31, 2010

Tomorrow, the Obama Administration is set to reverse a 20-year ban on offshore drilling because: “The bottom line is this — given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth, and produce jobs, and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up [...]

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“The Coming Insurrection” in Greece

March 4, 2010

Last week I posted on the violence in Greece due to the first signs of the collapsing of the Bismarckian welfare state, which has been the norm in Europe for a hundred years.  The significance of this and the rest of the PIIGS in Europe is that the trends facing Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and [...]

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Brighton (UK) Tea Party Update

March 1, 2010

Well, keep in mind that they’re British and they do mean well.  Saturday’s Brighton Tea Party managed to attract around 300 people (some having to be turned away due to room occupancy issues) in what turns out to be a very “Green” (read: “Red”) locale.  As Daniel Hannan said on his blog: “If you can [...]

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Paul Ryan’s “Two Futures”

February 2, 2010

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is a budget wizard.  You don’t mess with him.  As the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, he’s got the numbers, the intellect and the talent to flatten many opponents.  In a way he’s the 2000s version of Jon Kasich, who back in the 1990s was the major contributor to [...]

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Tea Partying the National Tea Party Convention?

January 23, 2010

Seeing the widespread grassroots power of the amorphous Tea Party Movement it should come as no shock that some have sought to create an exclusive national leadership as an attempt to coalesce the movement around certain people, events, and message.  The catch is trying to be the first ones to do it so that your [...]

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Jack Bauer vs. Santa

December 20, 2009

Getting in the Christmas spirit and looking forward to 24: Season 8 coming in January, I found this entertaining clip which melds the two together: Hat tip: Hot Air.

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Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings’ New Game at Recess

December 9, 2009

This is one of my more explicit posts… you’ve been warned!!! I was recently tipped off about a story that has to be read to be believed.  Apparently “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings had once advocated some controversial recommendations for updating existing curricula across the nation:  let’s try to teach our students as early as [...]

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Stepping Back to Look at the Health Care Debate

October 18, 2009

Jay D. Homnick writing for the American Spectator had a clever article this week where he steps back and takes a clear-eyed view at the health care debate.  The following day, the Glenn Beck Show had dozens of doctors on to talk about their view of what Washington’s poised to do.  One of the similar criticisms between them was [...]

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The Drive-By Media Campaign Against Rush

October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a threat to liberals.  He has always been a threat to liberals.  Now, the state-run media is engaged in a drive-by smear campaign against Rush to prevent him from realizing a lifelong dream, becoming an owner of an NFL franchise.  And it looks like their campaign of lies has succeeded. Limbaugh single-handily [...]

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