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NJ Unions: “Adolf Christie” Poised for Destruction!

June 17, 2011

God, even the union shills I work with were embarrassed by this one: “Adolf” Christie?  Really? Are they serious?  Unfortunately, they are.  Some of the changes possibly coming to New Jersey state employees aren’t pretty compared to what we’re used to.  But, shouldn’t libs love the concept of “shared sacrifice” in tough economic times?  Sure, [...]

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Vouchers Upheld by SCOTUS

April 4, 2011

The anti-religious folks got a bit of a pounding today as the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona school voucher program.  I’ll give you one guess what the vote was… 5-4 you say?  You betcha! The program in question allows a parent to use a $500 tax credit/voucher to send their kids to a private or [...]

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Snooki, the New Face of Rutgers

April 1, 2011

Last night, Jersey Shore‘s “Snooki” made an appearance at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  Since I live and work in the same county, this got quite a buzz today around the water cooler, especially since she cost the university about $32,000 from their mandatory student activity fees!  Commencement speaker (and Pulitzer-prize winning author) Toni [...]

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Bullying is Bad, but Only If You’re in a Protected Class

March 19, 2011

On the heels of the “Casey the Punisher” craze, the Holder Justice Department has sought to clarify how the federal government will deal with bullying:  to investigate or punish incidents based on one’s protected status.  As an overweight white kid, Casey would not fit the mold.  Also, Casey’s incident wouldn’t warrant any kind of federal [...]

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Great Scott! Florida Teachers Will Be Forced to Earn a Living

March 17, 2011

The last few months haven’t been kind to thug teachers’ unions.  First, Wisconsin stripped their collective bargaining rights over the gold-plated benefits packages public school teachers receive.  Now, Florida Governor Rick Scott plans to sign recently-passed legislation instituting merit pay for public school teachers.  Under the plan, teacher salaries would be tied to student performance [...]

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