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Arizona and Real Human Rights Violators

August 31, 2010

You be the judge on whether or not Arizona’s immigration law should be included in an American report to the United Nations on potential human rights violations:  which of the following does not belong? #1.  A woman named Neda protesting for democracy in Iran shot and killed by plain-clothes military agent: #2.  The government-backed Janjaweed [...]

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“Political Jurisdiction” and Birthright Citizenship

August 13, 2010

Arguments about whether or not children of illegals should be afforded citizenship rights because they were born within America’s territorial jurisdiction continue.  Does territorial jurisdiction also mean political jurisdiction?  Should that distinction matter?  I think we really do need to sort this out. Perhaps we can without messing with the Constitution.  The Supreme Court may [...]

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Clarify Birthright Citizenship

August 8, 2010

Republican Minority Leader John Boehner said that we should consider taking another look at the concept of “birthright citizenship” in this country.  Democrats hate that idea, while Republicans see that an unrestricted approach to the birthright concept demonstrates how anchor babies and chain migration contribute to the illegal alien problem, which hurts schools, strains hospitals, [...]

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AZ Law Protests Result in Arrests

July 29, 2010

Despite the teeth of Arizona’s illegal alien law being pulled out by activist judge Susan Bolton, protesters in motion will not be denied!  Today, about 50 people were arrested in Phoenix for confronting police officers at a rally opposing the weakened law.  I hope existing protocol allows the cops to ask about their legal status!  [...]

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A Few New Voices on the Arizona Law

July 28, 2010

Tomorrow is the scheduled enforcement date for the infamous Arizona law regarding the potential inquiry into the legal status of people who’ve already been stopped by the police.  Since it mirrors existing federal law and actually is more lenient, the reason people oppose this law is either through insidious racial politicking or through media-driven ignorance.  [...]

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Obama Nation: Firing Illegals, Not Arresting Them

July 10, 2010

Amazingly, the New York Times reported a trend happening in the Obama Administration regarding illegal aliens employed throughout the nation — punishing the businesses who hire them, while letting the other law-breakers go.  These “silent raids” target business through employee audits, fining the businesses, but by-and-large leaving the other perp (the illegal alien) to remain [...]

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