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New Jersey

NJ Unions: “Adolf Christie” Poised for Destruction!

June 17, 2011

God, even the union shills I work with were embarrassed by this one: “Adolf” Christie?  Really? Are they serious?  Unfortunately, they are.  Some of the changes possibly coming to New Jersey state employees aren’t pretty compared to what we’re used to.  But, shouldn’t libs love the concept of “shared sacrifice” in tough economic times?  Sure, [...]

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Union Showdown in Wisconsin

February 17, 2011

Like many other states around the nation getting serious about their long-term fiscal solvency, Wisconsin is on the verge of making profound changes to their state and municipal worker health and pension benefit system.  Like New Jersey, the teacher unions are getting the most attention because they can cause the most immediate and widespread disruption.  [...]

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The 2010 Census: Liberals Seeing More Red

December 21, 2010

The 2010 Census is in:  America has 308,745,538 people, maintaining us as the third largest nation on Earth, but still way behind both India and China!  That’s a 9.7% increase since 2000, indicating that our population growth is slowing, which isn’t an unusual trend in the developed world. Politically, however, there are major consequences — [...]

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James O’Keefe Exposes the NJEA

October 27, 2010

James O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, which promotes “modern day muckrakers,” has a scathing series of videos highlighting the cavalier attitude as well as the abuse and fraud with which the NJEA (the state-level teachers union) has been involved.  Remember, O’Keefe was involved in exposing ACORN’s mischief last year. As a teacher I’m embarrassed by all [...]

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New Push for Education Reform in Jersey

September 29, 2010

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is turning his focus once again to the New Jersey education system (which is, by the way, already one of the best in the nation).  Instead of his attack on the teacher’s unions, he’s taking aim at the way New Jersey funds teacher pay in the Garden State.  It’s all [...]

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Union Dribble at Dinner

September 2, 2010

Like many in the public sector, I belong to a union — four of them in fact, including the noxious NEA.  So, I had the opportunity to attend a dinner sponsored by my most local union this evening (why not, I’m paying nearly $1,200 a year to subsidize this dinosaur!) and heard a member of [...]

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New Jersey, Now That’s Just Retarded

August 17, 2010

In New Jersey, the state legislature letting the politically correct police exorcise the phrase “mentally retarded” from all legislation, has replaced it with the moderately Orwellian “intellectual disability” or “developmentally disabled.”  OK, it is an official document and “retarded” is a tad colloquial, however the law also promotes the blatantly Orwellian editing of all past [...]

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NJ Democrat Plant Revealed

July 21, 2010

Peter DeStefano is running as a Tea Party candidate in New Jersey’s 3rd District against Republican Jon Runyan to battle Democrat incumbent John Adler this Fall.  The problem is that DeStefano has not been endorsed by the Tea Party and his name only emerged after a poll commissioned by Democrat Adler was taken.  DeStefano has [...]

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Chris Christie Gets It on the Unions

June 11, 2010

A few weeks ago I uncovered the truth behind the NJEA rally which took place on May 22 against the proposed budget cuts Chris Christie has suggested to the New Jersey State Legislature.  It wasn’t an NJEA rally alone — every Marxist, socialist, statist organization/union in the state converged to demand the goodies they were [...]

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Guess Who’s Marching in Trenton!

May 22, 2010

Today, May 22, was selected as the day on which the New Jersey Education Association planned to have a rally in Trenton to show Chris Christie how upset they are about the proposed pension changes.  I, of course, as a reluctant member of that increasingly pointless union was cordially invited — they were even providing [...]

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Millionaire Tax Passes NJ Legislature

May 20, 2010

The New Jersey State Legislature has passed a “Millionaire’s Tax” which should redistribute $637 million from the wealthiest 16,000 New Jerseyans to about 600,000 people in some kind of state-identified need.  If I were a real estate dealer in Pennsylvania, I’d be salivating right about now — bring us your tired, not-so-poor huddled masses yearning [...]

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Chris Christie Gets “Confrontational” and Scores Big

May 15, 2010

Every intellectually honest person in America realizes that there is a left-leaning (or sometimes straight-up leftist) bias in our news media when taken as a whole.  Rarely, though, does a high profile Republican take the media to task the way the “confrontational” (or, perhaps, “honest and refreshing”) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did in a [...]

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Note to Self: Don’t Put Jokes Wishing for the Death of My Governor in Official Memos

April 10, 2010

I think the title says it all. In New Jersey, the Bergen County Education Association President Joseph Coppola passed this joke along in an official email to some 17,000 members: “Dear lord, this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my [...]

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Jersey Woman Seeks to Embrace New Levels of Fatness

March 18, 2010

First Jersey Shore, now Donna Simpson?  2010 is a bad year for Jersey, but I’m telling you, while Jersey girls have their own unique kind of baggage, they aren’t generally that bad! Speaking of “baggage,” by now you’ve heard the buzz about Donna Simpson, that 600 lbs. woman who’s aiming to be the world’s fattest [...]

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Recalling Bob Menendez

March 16, 2010

New Jersey’s non-comatose Democrat Senator, Bob Menendez, just got some bad news today.  As it turns out, NJ is one of 18 states which has a recall provision on elected representatives, so a Tea Party activist attempted to recall Bob Menendez.  Well, that effort just passed its first hurdle — a three-judge panel has allowed [...]

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NJ Transit: Going Nowhere Fast

March 6, 2010

Governor Chris Christie inherited a huge mess in New Jersey when he took office about six weeks ago.  Since then he’s taken an approach which has dealt with cutting large state expenditures in order to try to deal with the state’s $2.2 billion budget deficit.  His first offensive was against the pension system (which I [...]

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