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Rhode Island

Rogue’s Island Strikes Again with Even Higher Taxes

December 7, 2008

I couldn’t resist commenting on this latest scheme out of my former home state, the dying State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations!  Because the Democrat-controlled state legislature is invested so heavily in buying the votes of their constituents through the welfare-state socialism and corruption which has dominated Lil’ Rhody for decades, they simply cannot “cut” any program [...]

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Top Colleges For Conservatives

June 27, 2008

While perusing the Corner earlier today, I was pleased to see that All American Colleges has published a guide for the top 50 schools for conservatives, old-fashioned liberals, and people of faith. I was even more pleased with the cover. I know many of you will agree.

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No Water for The Witch as Some Republicans Play With Fire

March 4, 2008

Earlier tonight, I had a discussion with Sal in which he informed me that a conservative we both (and many of you) know and respect actually cast a ballot for She Who Must Not Be Named. I know Rush Limbaugh and other influential conservative suggested that Republicans do just that, and I know that the [...]

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The Obama Endorsement: Chafee Is As Chafee Does

February 14, 2008

Once upon a time, many thought that the sole purpose of this website to bash Lincoln Chafee and with good reason. All three of us are conservative Republicans who were born and raised in Rhode Island, and we were naturally disgusted with the leftist leanings of our former Senator. After siding with the Democrats on [...]

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Ride The Corkscrew Again . . . Almost

February 8, 2008

This one’s for the Rhode Islanders. Like me, many of you have fond memories of Rocky Point, that cheesy amusement park from yesteryear. We will never taste chowda and clamcakes in the World’s Largest Shore Dining Hall, spit on the fat lady in the House of Horrors or be drenched by flume bacteria water ever [...]

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Liturgical Dance

January 22, 2008

Sal, you would know better than anyone.  Please tell me that this liturgical dancing didn’t actually happen where it looks like it happened.

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Lincoln Chafee Leaves the Republican Party

September 19, 2007

Without too much fanfare, Rhode Island’s favorite ex-cokehead Republican, Lincoln Chafee, decided to bolt the party last “June or July.”  Saying, “It’s not my party anymore,” begs the question: when was it ever your party?  He’s currently unaffiliated, but that isn’t much of a change either.  He was the definition of a RINO which is what [...]

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Deadly Mistake at Rhode Island Hospital

August 24, 2007

An 86-year-old brain surgery patient, whose name is yet to be released, eventually died Saturday of a botched operation.  The nurse practitioner didn’t specify which side of the patient’s brain needed to be operated on, but the doctor went ahead anyway, on memory of an old CT scan.  Once he realized his mistake he began to work [...]

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Oscar the Cat

July 26, 2007

I don’t really like cats, being much more of a dog fan.  I’ve only met a few cats that I genuinely like.  To me, they seem very self-interested, using you for food and warmth and tend to get used to you more than truly like you.  Dogs are pretty dumb comparatively, but they love attention and show [...]

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Rhode Island Sailors Missing!

May 10, 2007

This just in from Virginia:  four sailors hailing from Rhode Island are still lost at sea this evening after possibly being hit by Tropical Depression/Storm Andrea, forming ominously off the Carolina coast this week.  Representative Patches and Jack Reed (a short Senator) have been haranguing the Coast Guard to step up efforts to find the Rhode Islanders [...]

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