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Ebola and the Enterovirus — Preventable Plagues?

October 5, 2014

Right now two plagues are a scourge across America — Ebola and the Non-Polio Enterovirus D-68.  While our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of these highly infectious and deadly diseases making their rounds around the USA, two notions popped into my mind. First, how in the hell did Ebola get in the [...]

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Holt and Christie: Facepalm Inducing NJ Politicians

July 26, 2013

Full disclosure:  Rush Holt used to be my Congressman who I voted against three times; plus, I will not vote to reelect Chris Christie this Fall — he’s a big government, bloviating, Obama-hugging ass. That being said, Rush Holt has decided to run for Senate and may be going a little loopy, especially on the [...]

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Someone Broke the Global Warming Hockey Stick

April 4, 2013

Turns out that the classic Algore-style global warming hockey stick is broken. In a study released March 8, some climate scientists set themselves up to be the latest batch cool kids showing that the Earth still has a temperature.  Their study showed the obligatory apocalyptic hockey stick in the Earth’s temperature during the 20th Century [...]

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Really Close Asteroid Flyby Tomorrow

February 14, 2013

Tomorrow at around 2:25pm asteroid DA-2012 will pass only 17,200 miles from our planet.  That’s nearly 5,000 miles closer than many GPS satellites!  In fact, it’s the closest flyby ever recorded by NASA.  While scary, at the same time it’s cool that NASA can track a 150-foot rock flying so close to us. Though it [...]

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Light Bulbs Could be the New Wi-Fi

September 30, 2012

German physicist Herald Haas attached a special microchip to an LED light bulb and voila! he’s created a potentially marketable VLC (Visible Light Communication) device!  (I’m sure that description seriously simplified the process) So, what’s VLC? In order to save energy, LED bulbs flicker many times per second — so fast that one doesn’t notice.  [...]

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Blue Moon for Armstrong

August 31, 2012

Neil Armstrong was laid to rest today, which happens to be a blue moon, when a full moon occurs twice within the same calender month.  There won’t be another one until July 2015.  Armstrong’s family wants people to look out at the moon tonight and give Neil a wink. Armstrong’s passing was even mentioned in [...]

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The Passing of Neil Armstrong

August 26, 2012

Yesterday, Neil Armstrong died at the age of 82 from complications due to a heart procedure.  Hardly a person on Earth needs to ask who he was or what he did.  When you’re the first person to set foot on another world, there are few who could ever possibly match that feat — only eleven [...]

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“Curiosity” Lands on Mars

August 6, 2012

Last night the latest Mars rover, “Curiosity,” touched down on the Red Planet to great fanfare.  Here’s a news report covering the basics: NASA needs successes since Obama mothballed the space shuttle, made NASA focus on Muslim outreach, and the overall state of the economy has government officials targeting NASA’s budget more and more.  This [...]

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Obamacare Exposes “Politics of Dependency”

July 3, 2012

Obamacare’s “politics of dependency” does more than just create an unsustainable economic reality, but it hurts the soul of the citizen as well.  Psychiatrist Keith Ablow writes about the psychological problems of government dependency on young people.  More than anything to date, Ablow argues that Obamacare turns “We the People” into “We the Parents” and [...]

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Voyager on the Edge

June 19, 2012

It’s taken 35 years for the Voyager I spacecraft to nearly reach the edge of interstellar space;  it’s about to do so sometime soon.  Right now the probe is encountering rays and particles which are changing frequently.  There’s apparently nothing out there, so any little change in conditions means something significant is taking place.  In [...]

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Dick Cheney Undergoes Heart Transplant

March 24, 2012

There was breaking news today that Dick Cheney underwent heart transplant surgery and in recovery.  While this innovative procedure usually extends the lives of compatible patients, whether or not that heart accepts you can mean the difference between dying quickly or living another 10 years. It’s well-known that the former Vice President has serious heart [...]

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EU Dictates Going Amok: Water Doesn’t Prevent Dehydration

November 20, 2011

This top headline at the Drudge Report needs to be added to the echo chamber! After an exhaustive three-year study, European Union elites have decided that not only does water NOT by itself prevent dehydration, but that it will now be against the law to say it does on labels or in advertising bottled water [...]

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Dreaming of a White Halloween

October 30, 2011

It snowed yesterday, leaving me a little unclear what to say to people — Happy Halloween?  Happy Thanksgiving?  Merry Christmas?  Happy President’s Day?  Regardless, I’m sure record snow for such an early date is somehow a sign of global warming and that the end-times are upon us. In my part of New Jersey had about [...]

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Steve Jobs, R.I.P.

October 6, 2011

Yesterday, Apple announced the passing of co-founder Steve Jobs.  Jobs likely died of complications from his virulent pancreatic cancer, though no official cause of death has yet been released.  He was only 56. Steve Jobs’ social, economic, and even political impact cannot be overstated.  Starting Apple from his family’s garage back in 1976, Jobs and [...]

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Tea Party: Delusional Addicts They are Not

August 4, 2011

The left gets funny when they get desperate, so we all knew this was coming:  MSNBC had a psychologist on to say that Tea Partiers are exhibiting delusional behavior similar to those of people with addiction.  Off-base and ridiculous, this interview was a simple sore-loser move. This episode reminded me somewhat when the left went [...]

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Incandescent Bulbs Still an Endangered Species

July 13, 2011

The House voted yesterday 233-193 to overturn a 2007 regulation designed to essentially phase-out incandescent light bulbs in favor of the new toxic ones.  Unfortunately, while a majority, they apparently needed two-thirds to get rid of the latest statist intrusion into our living rooms. This issue has become symbolic of the philosophical divide in DC:  [...]

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Last Launch of the Space Shuttle

July 9, 2011

I can’t really remember a time before the space shuttle, being about four years old on its maiden voyage in 1981.  So, watching the space shuttle Atlantis lift-off on the shuttle program’s last mission yesterday was poignant, especially since there’s a void and a lack of direction left in its wake.  I imagine this is [...]

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Don’t Just Sit There — You Could Die!

June 9, 2011

Catering the need-to-be-perpetually-freaked-out-crowd, scientists released a study indicating that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for you.  In fact, sitting around too much could even be as dangerous as smoking!  Maybe next they’ll say a non-sedentary lifestyle is good for you.  At least in most cases, anyway, because you always hear of that random heart attack [...]

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Killer Cellphones on the Loose!

May 31, 2011

The World Health Organization has determined that cellphones are possibly carcinogenic, meaning that they emit a radiation which leads to cancer.  Cellphones are now in the same class as DDT and gasoline engine exhaust. I happen to think that a device emitting/receiving a powerful radio wave pressed up against our ears for hours a day [...]

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HIV-Positive Man “Cured”

May 16, 2011

A Bay-Area man who contracted HIV in 1995 no longer has a trace of the virus in his body.  HIV can lay dormant in cells for a period of time even after symptoms develop, giving a false reading of its absence in the blood — it’s a damn tricky virus.  However, today scientists are touting [...]

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Is Global Warming Up in Smoke?

May 15, 2011

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). If you believe in it, then the world is on fire, the sky is falling, and we’re all going to die because of our past and present sins!  Damn the industrial age, the capitalist system, and the deniers or we’ll destroy the planet!  As a result, one can appreciate the fervor [...]

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Unhappy About the Demise of the Incandescent Light Bulb? Drink Beer!

February 19, 2011

They’ve already gone after light bulbs.  Next year, the incandescent bulb will be illegal and everyone in America will be forced to buy compact florescent  bulbs for their homes.  All this under the guise of reducing one’s carbon footprint and helping saving the planet from that hoax perpetrated with fake data by junk scientists  known [...]

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Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

December 20, 2010

Total lunar eclipses are not as rare as total solar eclipses, but they’re pretty cool nonetheless.  Tonight, however, a rare cosmic configuration takes place:  a total lunar eclipse on the night of the winter solstice.  In fact, it’s been 372 years since this alignment happened last!  Pretty cool.  It’ll hit “totality” at 2:41am EST.  The [...]

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NASA: Life Finds Another Way

December 2, 2010

NASA had some big news today regarding the discovery that arsenic can also be used with phosphorus as a basic building block of life.  The gist to us lay folk is that it was thought that only a certain cocktail of elements could produce life, but NASA’s research has found that life is more creative.  [...]

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Youngsters Hard of Hearing

August 18, 2010

A new study has found that teens nowadays have more hearing problems than we did growing up.  Headphones of any type have always been blamed for some hearing loss, but Millennials apparently have it worse.  Roughly 14.9% of my group had hearing issues as teens, while 20% of kids today have noticeable problems. They say [...]

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Churchill’s UFO Issue

August 7, 2010

Apparently,  Winston Churchill was truly concerned about some UFO activity during World War II which might have upset an already frazzled British nation at war.  Sharing these concerns at the time with Supreme Allied Commander, US General Dwight Eisenhower, Churchill believed that such revelations would cause “mass panic” and ruin religion (huh?), so it should [...]

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Frickin’ Laser Beams!

July 20, 2010

The US Navy now has laser beams which can take down drones from seafaring military ships!  Apparently, the salt air weakens the strength of the beam (I have no idea why, but it does), however this problem has been overcome by the good people at Raytheon.  Though the “Laser Weapon System” is not ready for [...]

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BP Oil Plug — So Far So Good

July 17, 2010

It’s been nearly 48 hours since BP’s latest attempt to plug the leak stopped the gushing.  So, far so good on stopping the leak, but more tests are coming which may include letting the oil flow again to test the pressure. In the meantime, President Obama has been rigorously working on his golf game and [...]

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Salazar’s Silence on BP Role

June 10, 2010

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is showing himself to be royally incompetent in Gulf Oil Spill fiasco, now entering its 52nd day.  Salazar had to apologize in front of a Senate committee today because he misrepresented the “experts” involved in crafting a report about the spill.  Of course, the report’s conclusion was to ban offshore drilling, [...]

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What Makes Darth Vader Tick

June 5, 2010

Apparently, some have felt it necessary to dissect, analyze and hypothesize about the psychology of Darth Vader to demonstrate to their students how relevant and applicable psychology can be.  Most could tell you that Darth Vader was a messed up dude, but to use precious PhD time to diagnose him as having “borderline personality disorder,” [...]

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