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Social Unrest

Libyan Rebels Take Most of Tripoli

August 22, 2011

It usually follows that when security forces ordered to shoot the rebels generally decide not to, your regime is about to collapse.  That’s basically the story from Tripoli, as the once down-and-out rebels entered the Libyan capital in their month’s long attempt to oust long-time dictator Muammar Qaddafi. As of this morning, the rebels hold [...]

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London’s Droogs

August 14, 2011

I couldn’t help but comment on the clever article “Britain Burns the Colour of ‘A Clockwork Orange’” because it offers some parallels between the London rioters and Anthony Burgess’ 1962 book turned subsequent 1971 Stanley Kubrick film, showing how a society which has completely failed its youth turns near totalitarian to fix the problem. In [...]

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Kicking a Man When He’s Down, and Stealing His Stuff

August 9, 2011

There are no excuses for doing this to another human being, especially one who is injured.  Period. David Cameron needs to grow a pair, ignore CINOs like this one, stop worrying about offending parasites, and start cracking skulls. Hat tip:  The Corner.  Also, clicking through to Guido Fawkes isn’t a bad idea if you want [...]

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