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2010 Senate Elections

Bayh Bayh Evan Bayh

February 15, 2010

Republican chances in the 2010 Senate elections look better every day and today is no exception.  The Washington Post is reporting that Evan Bayh is about to announce that he will not seek re-election later this year. This is excellent news for the country and for conservatives.  Although Bayh was no longer as safe as [...]

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Dan Coats to Challenge Evan Bayh

February 3, 2010

Be sure to thank the people of Massachusetts for pushing the proverbial snowball down the hill when they elected Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat and showed Republicans across the country that this was the year to run for office if you wanted to win an election.  Thanks to the Democrats’ unpopular liberal agenda [...]

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Bayh Evan? Rasmussen Poll Shows Indiana Senate Seat in Play

January 25, 2010

Add Indiana’s Evan Bayh to the list of Senate Democrats now fighting for their political lives.  According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, the formerly popular and safe Bayh now trails Republican Congressman Mike Pence in his bid for re-election.  Fortunately for Bayh, Pence has not declared his candidacy, but that should provide the Senator [...]

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Martha Coakley: Practicing Catholics “Shouldn’t Work in an Emergency Room”

January 15, 2010

I told myself I wasn’t going to post anything on the Massachusetts Senate race today.  Yet somehow, Martha Coakley continues to step in it.  Today’s gaffe occurred after Princess was asked whether health care legislation should include a conscience clause to protect  health care workers opposed to abortion on religious grounds.  Coakley responded that “[y]ou [...]

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Corrupt Media Desperately Tries to Save Coakley

January 13, 2010

The most obvious enemy to modern conservatism is the Democrat Party because that is the structure liberals use to win enough elections to pass and implement policies that control the lives of productive citizens and in the process undermine American strength and prosperity.  The surprisingly competitive Massachusetts Senate election shows just how important party is [...]

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Rasmussen Reports: Scott Brown Within Two

January 12, 2010

Many liberal and conservative blogs love to cherry-pick polls favorable to the candidates they’re rooting for, but I’m proud of the fact that we aren’t one of them.  This website has always recognized reputable organizations such as Rasmussen, Mason-Dixon (the best pollster at the state level) and IBD-TIPP and disregarded the trash.  In following this [...]

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Scott Brown Within Single Digits of Coakley

January 5, 2010

There were signs that something is going on in Massachusetts and now we have some empirical evidence.  According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, Republican Scott Brown trails Democrat Martha Coakley by single digits in the upcoming special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat.  Nine points is still a significant margin, but this [...]

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Harry Reid’s In Trouble

December 4, 2009

Mason Dixon, the gold standard of polling at the state level, has come out with a new poll on next year’s Nevada Senate race that is going make Harry Reid declare “this race is won.”  With his favorability rating under 40 percent, the poll shows Reid losing his Senate seat to both of his potential [...]

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