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2016 Olympics

Dear Obama: Can We Have a Plan for Afghanistan Please?

October 4, 2009

Dear President Obama, Can we have a plan for Afghanistan please?  I know things like the Olympics, date-night, and voting “present” on just about all the issues of the day are super, super important for American and the world, but in case the vigor of your schedule has caused the brilliant recesses of your vast intellect to become [...]

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Rush On The Olympics

October 3, 2009

With the news that Chicago would not get the Olympic games in 2016 (and in fact, came in last place in the voting by the IOC), despite Obama’s lobbying for it, Rush Limbaugh gave one of his brilliant opening monologues on the subject.  Rush’s sentiments express pretty much what I am feeling, a “serves him [...]

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Olympic Hopes End for Chicago

October 2, 2009

With a very important war in Afghanistan, troops still on the ground in Iraq, unemployment at 9.8%, the stimulus not working, Social Security and Medicare bleeding money faster than expected, health care on the verge of apocalypse (if you listen to our Dear Leader), I’m just soooooooo glad that President Obama, his wife Michelle Obamasaurus, and “The Oprah” [...]

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