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24 Season 8

100 Hours

January 19, 2010

In the spirit of 24′s season 8 premiere (very solid opening, by the way), and before Scott Brown news dominates the political universe even further, I wanted to share a forward a friend sent me spoofing Obama’s handling of the Underwear Bomber.  Enjoy:

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24 Season 8 Debuts Tomorrow Night

January 16, 2010

Jack is back! I love saying that whenever it means a new season of 24 is upon us!  No drunken disorderliness or writer’s strike this time — there’s nothing in the way from plunging into a brand new day of one of my favorite series’ ever!  All I know about the new season is that [...]

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Jack Bauer vs. Santa

December 20, 2009

Getting in the Christmas spirit and looking forward to 24: Season 8 coming in January, I found this entertaining clip which melds the two together: Hat tip: Hot Air.

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